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How can I get the best deals on bird food and equipment?

The best deals on bird feed and equipment can be found by taking note of the following advice:

Where can I buy cheap wild bird seed?

You can buy wild bird seed in bulk online using various discount and e-voucher schemes.Also, wild birds can be fed using different foodstuffs in the house, including leftovers, which means that you don’t have to spend money on wild bird feed. Visit the RSPB website for comprehensive advice about what you can and can’t feed to wild birds in your garden. You can also follow this advice when buying cheap bird feed.

Where can I buy cheap wild bird tables and cheap bird feeders?

Check out local garden stores and bargain online stores so that you can compare prices. Sign up to loyalty schemes and e-mail newsletters as you will be told about special offers, discounts and sales. When buying bird tables and feeders, make sure that they contain the Birdcare Standards Association (BSA) logo as this ensures that they meet certain standards in terms of design, manufacture and materials. Visit the RSPB website for advice about making your own nest box.

Are there any health issues I should be aware off when buying cheap equipment?

Increasingly, bird cages and padlocks are coated with a zinc powder that protects against rust. However, this can be toxic for some birds. When buying cheap equipment you need to be aware of this problem. More advice about zinc poisoning in birds can be obtained from the Parrot Society UK.