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Bargains for cat owners

Owning a cat can be expensive but it does not have to break the bank because wise cat owners can save money and get good discounts on cat products
How can I find bargains for my cat?
I am struggling to pay vets bills. Is there any help available?

PDSA help is available if you qualify for Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit and you live within a defined catchment area around each PDSA PetAid hospital or practice. If you don’t meet the above criteria you could try contacting the RSPCA, Blue Cross or Cats Protection for help.

How do I keep my cat happy and healthy if I am on a low income?

Your cat must be fed properly and exercised regularly. Your cat will need toys to help with exercise (especially if it is an indoor cat) but these don’t have to be bought – you can make your own from ping pong balls, plastic bottles, string and other household items. Cats want interesting toys, novelty and movement. Vary your homemade toys on a regular basis, hang toys in the breeze so that they move and play often with your cat. It is free entertainment and is good for both you and your cat.


You can also provide climbing areas and scratch pads, again, made from household items. Make a food dispensing toy from a plastic bottle, fill with cat biscuits and let you cat chase it around the house. You can also grow your own cat nip, which is cheap, easy to grow and provides excitement for your cat.