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Bargains for chicken owners

It is possible to obtain bargains on chicken equipment and food, and find ex-commercial hens that need a new home
What bargains are available for chicken owners?

As a chicken owner, one of the best bargains you can get is to make your own chicken house and enclosure. If you are not confident enough to make your own coop, consider second-hand chicken houses or flat packs that you can assemble yourself. You may be able to obtain free chicken coops from freecycle.

How can I save money on chicken food?

You can save money on chicken food by taking note of the following points:

Where can I buy cheap chickens?

When buying your chickens you should not be driven by bargain hunting as it is important to buy healthy hens that will be good layers, if egg production is important to you. Choose healthy, active and inquisitive birds, rather than those sitting quietly in the corner. Think about how many you would like and buy them together as it is much harder to introduce birds at a later date. Make sure that you use a reputable breeder, inspect living conditions and find out about food and habits before purchase.

Where can I get ex-battery hens?

If you want to re-home ex-battery hens you should realise that they may not produce eggs, or they will only produce a few eggs. If you do wish to re-home these birds you can do so through Fresh Start for Hens. You will be asked for a donation, which is around £2.50 per bird.