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Bargains for dog owners

Owning a dog can be expensive but it doesn’t have to cost the earth because discounts and special offers are available for the canny dog owner
How can I get the best bargains on dog food and snacks?
How can I get the best deals on dog toys?

Don’t be afraid to buy dog toys from charity shops and websites that specialise in second-hand items. However, only buy toys that can be easily cleaned with very hot water and mild soap. Always wash, rinse and dry toys thoroughly before giving to your dog. Relatives who are pet lovers like to give presents at Christmas – encourage them to give toys rather than snacks as these will last longer and are better for the physical and mental health of your dog.

Where can I buy good quality, cheap bedding for my dog?

Dog bedding can be very expensive, but you can keep costs down by taking note of the following advice:

Where can I buy cheap dog leads and collars?

Dog collars and dog leads can be bought cheaply from discount stores online and on the high street. However, always check the stitching and catches. Make sure that they are of good, sturdy quality and that they will not break or come unstitched. You can always add a few stiches yourself if you think that it is not top quality, Often, however, it may be preferable to search for better-made leads and collars that have been reduced in sales. Again, second-hand leads and collars can be obtained from charity and second-hand shops, but wash and dry thoroughly before use.