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Bargains for fish owners

Although you might not have very much money it is important to look after your fish properly when getting bargains and discounts
What bargains are available for fish owners?

Bargains are available on fish tanks, aquaria and equipment if you shop around. There are also bargains to be found when buying fish food. However, you must never put the health of your fish in jeopardy through buying inadequate or substandard food and equipment. If you really think you are going to struggle to pay for all the needs of your fish, you may need to think about whether fish ownership is the best thing for you, given your financial circumstances. The RSPCA offers good advice about caring for fish and making sure that you meet their welfare needs.

How can I make sure my fish stay healthy if I am on a budget?

The following tips will help you to make sure that your fish stay healthy, even if you have limited funds:

What do I need to know about keeping fish in a pond?

If you are thinking about keeping fish in a garden pond you should take note of the following points: