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Bargains for rabbit owners

Save money through building your own rabbit hutch, making sure that there is a place to hide, a place to sleep and a toilet area
Where can I find bargains for my rabbit?
How can I avoid paying expensive vet bills for my rabbit?

You can avoid expensive vet bills by taking note of the following advice:

Should I get my rabbit insured?

Rabbits can live for 8 – 12 years. Insurance is available to cover their lifetime, which means that illnesses and injuries will be treated for the life of your rabbit. However, although rabbits are smaller pets, insurance policies tend to be similar in price to those for larger pets, such as cats and dogs.


You will need to decide whether insurance is a good idea for your rabbit. If you follow the advice offered above you can minimise the need for expensive medical treatment. Nevertheless, some pet owners feel reassured if they have insurance in place. If you think you might struggle to pay vets bills, then insurance might be a good idea for you.