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Bargains for small pet owners

Small pets are cheaper to buy and look after then larger pets, but you must make sure that you provide toys and enrichment activities
Where can I find bargains for small pets?

Bargains can be found on cages and equipment and discounts on food for small pets. However, when purchasing your small pet you should not be driven by bargain hunting. Instead, you should only use good, reputable suppliers who know how to look after the pets, only stock fit and healthy animals and can offer good, useful advice about looking after the pet and buying suitable equipment.

If I get a small pet what do I need to buy?

This depends on the type of pet, although all pets will need a suitable home. This should include the following:

What should I do with my pet when I go on holiday?

Find a reliable person who understands the needs of your pet and can look after it well while you are away, as this will be free. Make sure that you provide enough food and bedding for the time that you are away, as changing food suddenly is not good for your pet. Sometimes, it is useful to provide a checklist so that the person who is looking after your pet knows what to do, when and how.


Some pet sitting services will look after small pets, but make sure that you use a reliable organisation/person and try to get references before you use the service. However, if you are on a strict budget it is better to find a friend who will look after your pet for free.