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Buying cheap bird feed

Find special offers and discounts on bird seed, pellets, toys, accessories, bird tables, bird feeders and bird cages
How can I save money on bird feed?

You can save money on bird feed by taking notice of the following:

How do I store bird feed if I buy in bulk to save money?

Store food in a large, moisture-free, plastic container with air tight lid to keep food fresh, deter rodents/bugs and eliminate smells. Make sure that you will be able to use all the food before the ‘use by’ date. If this date is unclear, contact the manufacturer for clarification.

Can I feed other types of food to my bird?

Yes you can – birds love a varied diet. The following tips will help:

How do I keep my birds healthy if I am on a low budget?

Make sure you feed your birds a balanced diet and seek advice from your vet if in doubt about this. A balanced diet does not mean an expensive diet. Give your birds plenty of exercise, make sure they always have enough water, enrich their lives with toys and activities and make sure that everything they come into contact with is kept clean and hygienic.