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Buying cheap dog food

It is possible to buy cheaper dog food and still make sure that your pet is well fed and healthy, and avoid problems with upset stomachs
How can I save money on dog food?

You can save money on dog food by taking note of the following:

How should I change the food I feed to my dog?

You should make changes gradually, especially if your dog has got a sensitive stomach. Buy the new food before the old food has run out and add a little of the new food to the old food, gradually increasing the amount. If you notice any problems, such as vomiting, diarrhoea or a reluctance to eat the food, you may have to continue with the original brand or try something else. You should also seek advice from your vet.

How can I make sure my dog remains healthy?

When feeding your dog you need to make sure that their diet includes the right balance of protein, fat/oils, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. You should never over-feed or under-feed your dog – follow the guidelines on the dog food packs or seek advice from your vet. Always provide variety and rotate your brand of dog food from time to time.

What shouldn’t I feed to my dog?

Certain human foods are poisonous for dogs and should be avoided at all costs. This includes chocolate and cocoa, onions, grapes and raisons, caffeine, Macadamia nuts, alcohol and fruit stones and pips. You should also avoid feeding your dog any food that is high in sugar or sodium and make sure that your dog doesn’t scavenge mouldy or rotten food when out walking.


If your dog has eaten anything it shouldn’t have eaten, or you are concerned about your dog’s diet, seek advice from your vet.