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Buying fish and equipment

It is possible to keep fish in a tank or pond even if you are on a budget as long as you take care when buying plants, gravel, toys, tanks and aquaria
Where can I buy fish equipment cheaply?

As with any purchase you need to shop around and do your research. Look for online promotional codes and vouchers and make use of supermarket price guarantee schemes when making your purchases. Free fish equipment can be obtained from Freecycle, but make sure that you wash all second-hand equipment thoroughly before use.


However, it is important not to scrimp and save too much when purchasing fish and equipment because some items can be substandard and bad for your fish. You should only use reputable companies and dealers when making your purchases. Also, you can save money by making sure that you don’t overstock your aquarium, which is very bad for the health of your fish.

I would like to buy my children a goldfish. What do I need?

Fish are social creatures, so you should buy more than one goldfish. You should think about the following items when considering buying goldfish:

Where can I find more information about buying fish equipment and keeping fish?

The RSPCA offers comprehensive advice about buying and keeping fish. This includes information about the size of tank required and how to keep fish healthy. You can also get comprehensive advice about setting up a freshwater aquarium from wikihow.