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Buying horse insurance

Horse insurance provides cover for injury caused to the rider or a third party, and against theft, straying, loss of use, accident or death
Should I insure my horse?

Horses and associated equipment are expensive. Could you afford to replace your horse and equipment if it was stolen, and could you afford vet’s bills if your horse should fall ill? What if your horse was to cause an accident or injury to another person and they decided to sue? Taking out insurance will give you peace of mind and help to cover costs if anything should happen to you or your horse.

What does horse insurance cover?

Policies vary. In general, horse insurance policies will cover the costs associated with death and slaughter due to illness or accident and the costs associated with theft or straying. In addition to these standard benefits, the following benefits may apply, or you can choose to add them to your policy:

How much is horse insurance?

Prices vary enormously, depending on the age of your horse, where your horse is stabled, what you use your horse for and any pre-existing medical conditions. Obtain a number of quotations so that you can compare costs.

How do I choose horse insurance?

Do your research. Use price comparison websites to find the best deal. There are many different sites available and you should try several as some deal with different insurance companies. When choosing a policy you should take note of the following: