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Cheap riding holidays

Riding holidays can be taken all over the world and are available for experienced riders and novices over one week, two weeks or more
How do I choose a riding holiday?

When choosing a riding holiday you need to work out your budget. There are all sorts of holidays available to suit all pockets. Then you need to decide what sort of riding holiday you would like and where in the world you would like to visit. Once you have found a riding holiday that sounds suitable, you need to consider the following:

I would like to take my horse on a riding holiday in Britain. What do I need to know?

You will need to find out what costs are involved – is stabling/livery included in the price? Will you be required to do the mucking out and feed and water your horse? Do you need to provide bedding and food or is this all included? How are the horses stabled? What other horses will be at the centre and are there any checks for vaccinations/illnesses?

What should I be aware of if choosing a riding holiday abroad?

In addition to finding out the answers to the questions above you will need to make sure that you have an up-to-date passport and suitable insurance (see below). Find out whether you need any vaccinations. When using a travel agent, make sure that it is a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), which regulates travel agencies in the UK. Check that there are no warnings or health scares for the country you intend to travel to by visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

What should I do about insurance when on a riding holiday?

If you are on a riding holiday in the UK you will need to check that your existing insurance covers you while you are away from home. If your riding holiday is abroad you may not be covered so you will have to take out separate insurance. Some general travel insurance will not cover riding as an activity, so you may need to obtain specialist riding insurance for your holiday. This is a good idea because it will cover you against injury and will also cover your riding equipment. Shop around for the best horse insurance deals.

Is it possible to get a cheap riding holiday?

If you are prepared to travel out of season or to a less popular destination you may be able to obtain a cheaper riding holiday. You can also get a cheaper deal if you are prepared and able to travel at short notice. Use price comparison sites to find cheap holidays in the UK and abroad.