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Discounts on cages and equipment

It is possible to get cheap hamster cages and free gerbil cages if you shop around and use promotional codes and vouchers
Where can I find discounts on cages and equipment for small pets?

Free cages, toys and equipment can be obtained from Freecycle and you can search for money-off coupons and promotional codes when buying small pet equipment online. You may also be able to find cages, equipment and toys in local charity shops or advertised in your local newspaper. Make sure that you wash all second-hand equipment thoroughly in hot soapy water and dry and air it completely before use.

How can I make sure my pet stays healthy if I am on a budget?

Small pets such as hamsters, rats and gerbils can be much cheaper to keep than larger pets. It is also possible to obtain cages and equipment very cheaply. This is because small pets don’t live as long as larger pets and people often want to get rid of their equipment when it is no longer required. Many of the actions that you can take to keep your small pet healthy do not cost you anything, as the following list illustrates:

Where can I find more information about keeping small pets?

The PDSA has a very useful website that enables you to find out about the welfare needs of your chosen small pet. The RSPCA also has useful advice about caring for pet rodents. You also need to make sure that you know how to feed your small pet properly.