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Discounts on chicken equipment

It is possible to raise chickens cheaply and still make sure that they are happy, healthy, disease free and free from parasites
What discounts and offers are available on chicken equipment?

You may be able to obtain free chicken equipment, such as houses and coups from freecycle. Also, check your local newspaper small ads for people selling unwanted chicken equipment. When using second-hand equipment, make sure that it is washed and disinfected, as this will get rid of disease and parasites.

It may be possible to find promotional codes and discount vouchers for online purchases, and make sure that you use price comparison sites when hunting for discounts. Sign up for email alerts and newsletters from specialist suppliers, as you will be able to find out about sales and special offers when they occur.

How do I build my own chicken coop?

If you are on a budget you can save money by building your own chicken coop. This will be even cheaper if you are able to use reclaimed, recycled or salvaged building materials. When building your coop, you should consider the following points:

How can I keep my chickens healthy if I am on a tight budget?

Most of the things that you can do to keep your chicken healthy do not cost a lot of money, such as ensuring a clean and regular supply of water and food, making sure they get plenty of exercise and keeping an eye on them for illness and disease.