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Discounts on fish food

You can keep fish, even if you are on a budget as long as you are careful about buying fish food and make sure that you get good deals and bargains
Where can I find cheap fish food?

When buying fish food you must make sure that it is of good quality. Therefore, the best way to get cheap fish food is to buy good quality food that has been discounted in some way, whether this is through online promotional codes, supermarket discounts or in end of season sales at pet shops or fish suppliers. You can compare prices of fish food by using some of the many price comparison sites that are available (just enter ‘compare fish food prices’) to find a suitable site.

What do I need to be aware of when buying fish food?

When buying fish food you should take note of the following:

How can I save money on fish food but make sure that my fish remain healthy?

One of the most common health issues with fish is overfeeding. Make sure that you never over-feed your fish as this is better for their health and kinder on your pocket. Fish can quickly learn who feeds them and will adopt ‘begging’ behaviour. This does not mean that they are hungry, simply that they are trying it on and want you to feed them.


Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when feeding fish. A good way to know whether you are feeding the right amount is to feed no more than the fish will eat in five minutes.