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Discounts on reptile equipment

Owning a reptile is a lifelong commitment that can be expensive although bargains on certain types of reptile equipment are available
What equipment will I need for my reptile?

This depends on the type of reptile you are buying, although everyone will need somewhere to house the animal. In most cases this will contain a semi-natural environment suitable for your chosen reptile; a way of observing the animal, such as a glass or plastic panel; and a safe entry and exit route, which could include a dual door mechanism for safety. This type of housing is referred to as a vivarium. There are different types of vivarium, depending on the environment that you are simulating:

What do I need to consider when buying a vivarium?

You will need to think about the following when buying a home for your reptile:

How can I get bargains on reptile equipment?

If you are re-homing a reptile from the RSPCA you may be able to buy second-hand equipment that comes with the reptile. Contact your local RSPCA to find out whether this is the case. You may also be able to obtain free equipment from Freecycle, although you should make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly before use.


When purchasing online or in-store, try to find promotional codes or discount codes for reptile equipment before making your purchase. You can also use online comparison sites to find the best deals in your area. However, you should make sure that you do not compromise the health of your reptile through buying substandard or inadequate equipment. You must also make sure that you can afford to feed your reptile properly. If in doubt, seek advice from an expert or from your vet.