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Discounts on riding equipment

Owning a horse is expensive but there are ways to cut spending and make money through riding lessons and horse sharing
How can I find bargains on tack and equipment?

Although riding equipment can be very expensive, there are ways to get bargains:

How can I find bargains on riding clothes?

When buying riding clothes think outside the box, that is, you don’t have to buy clothes that are meant specifically for riding. Sports discount centres offer cheaper alternatives that are suitable for riders, such as T-shirts and padded jackets. Don’t muck out or groom in your best competitive gear – keep it as best because it is expensive to replace.

How can I save money on riding equipment?

Ensure that you look after your tack by cleaning, caring and storing properly. Leather should be conditioned regularly and all mud should be removed from tack as soon as possible. Tack should be stored in a covered, well-ventilated and dry area. Well-maintained equipment will last much longer and save you having to spend money on replacements.


Riders can also lose money through loss of equipment when eventing or when getting together with other riders, for example. Mark all essential tack with your name and, when attending competitions or shows, take a checklist with you so that you can make sure all your equipment is taken home.

Is it possible to make money from my horse?

There are several ways to make money from your horse as listed below. However, you must ensure that your horse insurance allows for this type of activity and make sure that potential sharers/riders hold the same views as you about horse welfare and health.