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Discounts on small pet food

It is possible to find good discounts on pet food and make sure that you keep your small furry creatures healthy and happy
How can I get bargains on small pet food?

Always shop around for the best deals. If you are shopping at your local supermarket, take advantage of supermarket price guarantee schemes. If you intend to shop online, search for money-off coupons when buying small pet food. Also, you may be able to purchase small pet food from some of the online retailers that offer food bargains. You may find that you can get better deals if you buy in bulk, but make sure that the food won’t go off before you are able to use it all.

What should I know about feeding small pets?

When feeding small pets you should take note of the following:

How can I feed my pet a healthy diet if I am on a budget?

Small pets are not expensive to feed. You can find 300g – 1kg bags of food online or in your local pet store for very reasonable prices and these will last a long time (make sure that you can use all the food before the use by date, if buying in bulk). Always check the ingredients to make sure that your small pet is getting the required amount of nutrients and try to vary the food, adding fresh washed greens and other vegetables every now and again. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines and never over-feed your pet as it is bad for their health and bad for your pocket.

How can I find out what I should and should not feed my small pet?

When you buy your small pet do your research to find out what they can and cannot eat. Your pet supplier should be able to help, but you may also need to seek advice from an expert or a vet. Most small pets cannot tolerate chocolate, aubergines, avocados, raw rhubarb, citrus fruits, stones or pips from fruit, onions, leeks, garlic, almonds or fish.