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Dog-friendly accommodation

You can take your dog to pubs, beaches, parks, hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and campsites where dogs are welcome
What dog-friendly accommodation is available?

There is a wide range of dog-friendly accommodation available. For example, you can take your dog to campsites that have special dog-walking areas, dog parks, plenty of dog bins and dog food and toys for sale in the campsite shop. Or you could choose a hotel that specialises in providing dog-friendly accommodation, which can include a dog-sitting service if you want to go out for an evening and leave your dog. There is also a wide range of guest houses, holiday homes and holiday cottages that will enable you to take your dog on holiday.

What should I be aware of when booking dog-friendly accommodation?

Always check the small print – some places may charge an additional price for your dog and may have strict rules about where you can and cannot take your dog.  Also, be aware that some dogs may not be as well behaved as your dog. If you have chosen dog-friendly accommodation there could be problems with others dog barking, or with aggressive dogs causing a nuisance.


Most dog-friendly accommodation will have rules and regulations to deal with this type of behaviour, so if you encounter problems that you cannot resolve, speak to the accommodation owner/manager.

How can I find out what dog-friendly accommodation is available?

Today, there are various websites that provide directories of dog-friendly accommodation. Three examples are listed below, but there are plenty more available:

How much extra will I have to pay for my dog?

This depends on the type of accommodation. Some campsites will not make a charge for a dog, whereas others may charge £2 - £4 a night. Also, some hotels and guest houses will not charge, whereas others can charge up to £15 a night, which they justify by saying that it pays for the extra cleaning that will be required.


Obviously, it is up to you how much you wish to pay for your dog, but we don’t think accommodation providers should make unreasonable charges as we all know that it does not cost much to clean up after a well-behaved dog. Despite these costs, holidaying with your dog can often work out cheaper than placing your dog in a boarding kennel while you are away.

How can I find out about dog walks and days out with my dog when on holiday?

Some of the accommodation providers will produce a dog-friendly information pack that contains all the information you need about activities with your dog while you are staying in their accommodation. You can also visit the Open for Dogs website, which is a campaign by the Kennel Club to make more public places and accommodation accessible to dogs.