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Dog-friendly holidays

If you want to take your dog abroad the UK Pet Travel Scheme sets out guidance about microchips, vaccination and vet checks before you travel
What dog-friendly holidays are available?

There is a wide range of dog-friendly holidays available in the UK and abroad. Some accommodation providers specialise in providing dog-friendly accommodation and some will even provide a welcome pack for your dog, which includes all the information you need to know about local dog walks, local dog-friendly attractions and pubs that take dogs.

What should I be aware of when booking a dog-friendly holiday?

Always read the small print as you need to make sure that you understand what price you are paying and whether there are additional charges for your dog. Also, accommodation providers may have additional rules concerning your dog. Think about taking out pet holiday insurance, or check that your dog insurance includes pet travel.

What is the PETS scheme?

PETS stands for the UK Pet Travel Scheme. It is a system that enables people with pets to enter the UK and people from the UK to take their pets abroad without the need for quarantine. You can contact the PETS helpline for further information and advice if you are thinking about travelling aboard with your dog:, 0870 241 1710 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (closed on bank holidays).

What do I need to know about taking my dog abroad?

If you intend to take your dog abroad you will need to prepare for your trip in the following ways:

Where can I find more information about taking my dog on holiday?

The Kennel Club has a campaign called Open for Dogs, which aims to make public places more accessible for dogs. The Open for Dogs website has over 10,000 listings of places to stay and visit with your dog.