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Feeding your rabbit cheaply

Although rabbit ownership can be expensive there are ways that you can save money and obtain discounts and bargains
How can I feed my rabbit cheaply?
How do I introduce new food to my rabbit’s diet?

Never make sudden changes to your rabbit’s diet as this can make it very ill. Introduce all new foods slowly as this will avoid stomach upsets. Make sure that your rabbit always has access to grass and hay, but avoid feeding it lawn clippings. Keep an eye on your rabbit. If you notice any unusual changes in eating and drinking habits, or if its droppings get less, stop or stick to its bottom, you should seek advice from your vet.

How can I make sure my rabbit stays healthy if I am on a budget?

A rabbit must have grass and/or hay for its digestive system to function properly. Also, rabbits are grazers and naturally only eat grass and plants. If you have a garden that contains grass you can keep you rabbit healthy by enabling it to feed on the grass, which will cost you nothing. It is also good for your rabbit to be able to graze and forage.


Grass, hay and leafy green vegetables help to wear down your rabbit’s teeth. You should make sure that grass and hay are available at all times and ensure that your rabbit has plenty of clean drinking water. Also, make sure that your rabbit has a safe, clean and damp-free environment in which to live. If you are in any doubt about your rabbit’s health, seek advice from your vet.