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Selling your chicken eggs

You can make a little money by selling your eggs to people who pass by your house in egg boxes donated by friends and family
How many eggs will I get from my chickens?

This depends on how may chickens you keep, their age, their breed and the time of year (the amount of daylight hours). It is not possible to give an exact figure, but anecdotal evidence suggests that if you have four chickens, for example, you will get an average of three eggs a day. Chickens can lay three eggs over a four day cycle, which repeats itself, but this will change as winter arrives and as the chickens get older.

How long will eggs from my chickens last?

It is possible to keep your eggs for up to three months, but we would only recommend this if you are using the eggs yourself and you know the history of your chickens and what they have been fed. If you are in doubt about the freshness of your eggs, place them in a bowl of cold water. If they sink they are fine, but if they float they have gone off.

How should I sell my chicken eggs?

If you intend to sell your eggs you should do so as soon as possible so that they are fresh when bought by the consumer. You will need to collect egg boxes – ask family and friends to keep them for you. Display your chosen price clearly on the top of the box along with the date that they were collected. If you are selling by the roadside, make the price a round number so that it is easy for people passing by to find the right change. You will need a secure money box (attached to a post or railing) to prevent theft.

Should I wash eggs that I am selling?

This is a personal preference. Some people prefer to buy eggs that look as if they are fresh and have just been laid, so will not require them to be washed. Others prefer their eggs to be washed. If you do decide to wash the eggs use hot running water. However, washing eggs removes the outer coating (called the bloom), which is a natural protective coating that stops the eggs aging so quickly and protects against bacteria. Therefore, if you are keeping the eggs for yourself it is better not to wash them.

What can I do with too many eggs?

You can give them away to friends or family or you can try selling them. Alternatively, bake cakes, pies and biscuits. Omelettes and soufflés can use up spare eggs, or try eggs benedict for a special morning treat. Homemade scotch eggs are lovely and a nice treat for lunchboxes. You can freeze eggs by breaking them into an airtight container and freezing. Let them defrost and use as usual.