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Over recent years the need to save money has become vitally important for people in the UK. Follow the links below to websites that offer further information and advice about obtaining discounts, knowing about bargains and saving money.


Senior Citizens and Pensioners

Very low interest rates have meant that pensioners and older people, in particular, have suffered financial loss. This is because their hard-earned savings have not been rising as they should, and pension pots have been reduced considerably. Senior Cash offers information and advice about pensions, investments, saving money and getting the best bargains for senior citizens in the UK.


University tuition fees, for the year 2012, have risen to a maximum of £9,000 per year. Although student loans are available to cover this cost, many students have been deterred from entering university this year. However, financial support is available and there are various ways that students can both save and earn money to help with their studies. Student Cash offers advice about sources of income and savings for students in the UK.


Cuts to the welfare budget and changes to the benefit system are affecting many families in the UK. This applies to low-income and middle-income families, both of which are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Family Cash offers information and advice about saving money, getting the best deals and knowing about sources of income for hard-up families in the UK.